Yugioh Fall 2023 Ladder has started!


Fall 2022 Ladder

Dabbers is excited to announce Season 3 of the Dabbers YGO Ladder.
Season 1 Champion – Kiet Nguyen
Season 2 Champion – Jose Marin
Who will win season 3?
Let’s get straight into the rules!
The Fall 2022 Season will officially run from 8/5/2022 through 12/16/2022. Within this time frame there will be over 20 weeks of locals and over 10 premier events to accumulate points to claim your spot on the Season 3 Ladder.
Points are automatically logged at the end of each week, no additional fees or costs to participate in the Ladder.
Points will be awarded for topping as well as participation in our Yugioh tournament via the following structure.
- Tournaments under 48 participants: top 8 will be awarded points based on number of participants. Tournaments with 48 participants and over, top 16 will be awarded points. Participation Points are also awarded for entry and is calculated by entry fee X/5$.
- Assume 20 people participate in a tournament with a $10 entry fee. 1st place will be awarded 22 points, second place will be awarded 21 points, third place will be awarded 20 points and so on until 8th place.
- Assume 48 people participate in a premier tournament with a $40 entry fee. 1st place will be awarded 56 points, second place will be awarded 55 points, third place will be awarded 54 points and so on until 16th place.
On 12/16/2022, top 16 ladder standing participants will be given their free invite to the Fall 2022 Season Championship Playoffs! Prizing will include a Graded PSA 9 Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry among many other things!
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!
Ladder Prizing will be as below

Tournaments are back!

Dabbers in store tournaments are back! Yugioh Locals are held every Wednesday 7 PM. Friday 7 PM. Sundays 2:00 and Saturdays we have Store Champsionship Series events schedueled


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